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Ubi Caritas

Quick post. Mondays are crazy for me. My day began at 7am and between work, three choir rehearsals, and Zumba, I didn’t get to rest until I got home at 8pm.

I regret not the incessant choir, though. We get to sing this:


And not to mention a billion other songs.

I’m thinking of limiting my dairy and/or switching to goats milks for the time being. Having a mucus-y throat while singing is no good.

Anyway, I’m tired. Off to bed. It’s good for my health!


Sweating it Off

Quick post before work, but I figured I hadn’t done a weight progress update in a while…

Starting Weight: 176.8
Current Weight: 143.8

Lost this week: 4.6 lbs (mostly water weight, mind you)

Total Lost!: 33! (not including the four I lost on my own before Weight Watchers!)

Left Until Goal: 5 lbs!!

That’s right. I’m within half a pound of where I was before my adventures to the Metroplex, so I believe I did well this week. And I’m not looking bloated anymore, so that’s definitely great!

Spinning class took a lot of out me yesterday in the form of sweat! I’d never been to a spinning class and will still partially unaware of what it was. I got to the YMCA last night in time to change clothes and try recklessly to find the Spin room. I had to go through a maze to find it, but I got there just in time to claim the second-to-last bike. It was hot. It was stuffy. The air was wholly impregnated with the stench of sweat. And the lint off my brown t-shirt fluoresced under the black light!

It was a hard workout, but mostly because of the condition of the room. I sweat more in that one hour than I did in Honduras in the middle of June in 115 degree weather with 80% humidity. Intense, man. Intense.

Will I do it again? Maybe, maybe not. I’m not in love with it like I am with Zumba, but it could be a fun option for a workout if I really feel like doing something different from my usual.